Welcome to the Luna & Olive

Hi, I am Jess the creator and director of Luna & Olive.

In 2018 when I first found out I was pregnant I was so excited to start preparing for the arrival of our baby. Unfortunately, my pregnancy wasn't as smooth sailing as I had imagined. I struggled with severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum which lead to multiple extended stays in hospital and extreme nausea and vomiting up until delivery. Rather than be able to shop for cots and take strolls with my dog I was going back and forth from hospital for IV hydration, iron infusions and endless medications and checkups. So, I turned to online shopping for all the baby essentials, as well as gifts that I needed to get for friends and family. I tried to find the best and most reasonably priced items I could and discovered how hard it can be to find items that fit with my checklist of being high quality, ethically made and environmentally friendly.

Thus, the idea for Luna & Olive formed, I wanted to make a one stop shop for people to be able to shop for gifts, toys and games for their little ones. To have confidence that the item that arrives will be as shown and described in the product page. I strive to incorporate environmentally friendly packaging and products and to only sell items that are ethically made with sustainable practices. These products will last and can be passed down as family keepsakes rather than being thrown away.

Love Jess xx

About Luna & Olive

1. Be environmentally conscious, from stocking wooden toys over plastic ones we also focus on our packaging being eco-friendly. From reusing packaging where possible, to using compostable mailers, recyclable boxes and greenwrap as an alternative to bubble wrap. 

2. To build a community online for the parents who wish to engage with like-minded parents seeking quality products, build upon children's imagination and supporting one another in the efforts to encourage learning through play. 

3. To give back donating to various auctions to raise money for vital charities.